Production Artist

At CVR, we believe we have the best production artist in the city…No...the country…No…the world. And because cloning is not possible, we are starting our search for someone the same qualities to help us continue our growth.

You might be the right candidate if you can build precise vector graphics, create dynamic agency presentations and pre-flight files for the highest quality print production. We are looking for a detail-oriented, creative-minded production artist who has an eye for design and functionality. You must know Adobe Creative Suite intimately, including photo retouching, optimizing images for digital & print use, and producing long-format printed collateral, and other programs like Power Point. You must also possess strong oral communication skills to work in a fast-paced team setting.

Caldwell VanRiper offers competitive salaries and an excellent benefits package, and was recently named one of Indiana’s Best Places to Work.  If you feel that you are qualified, please send your resume and cover letter to Feel free to include links to samples or any other portfolio.