The Glass Barn at the Indiana State Fair

CVR Makes Soybeans Social with Educational Games & More

About The Glass Barn

Launched by Indiana’s soybean farmers at the 2013 Indiana State Fair, the Glass Barn was built to educate Hoosiers about soybean farming. Using engaging displays, games and programs the Barn allows visitors to learn about the farming life, farmers’ connections with the land and the technology they use to work it. Open to the public each year during the Indiana State Fair – and to school groups the rest of the year – the Glass Barn allows visitors to video chat with Indiana farmers, offers touchscreen displays and several games.


How to Educate the Public About Soybeans in Indiana

The Glass Barn at the Indiana State Fairgrounds is an educational destination specializing in modern farming practices. The Indiana Soybean Alliance wanted to drive high attendance numbers to educate as many visitors as possible during the Indiana State Fair.


Drive Engagement with Fun Activities & Social Media

CVR created State Fair signage, social media and ads to drive visitors to the Glass Barn and developed activities for visitors to engage in at the Barn. Social media and the interactive, educational game “BeanGo” have remained key components for the Glass Barn’s success.


Of those that visited the Glass Barn during the most recent State Fair, 99% indicated that they would recommend a visit to others.