The Fairbanks Brand Response

CVR Unleashes Marketing Efforts, Influencing 28% of New Patient Engagement

About Fairbanks

Since the 1950s the name Fairbanks has been known in Indy for drug and alcohol addiction treatment. As part of the Community Health Network, the Community Fairbanks Recovery Center connects into one of Indiana’s largest health systems. They offer scientifically supported treatments from Level One outpatient therapy to long-term residential programs including medication-assisted treatment (MAT), a supportive living program, recovery management and family support.


In recent years Indiana has seen an alarming increase in substance abuse by Hoosiers, driven in large part by the spikes in opioid, fentanyl and methamphetamine usage. While these drug cases are causing premature deaths and social consequences, drug abuse with alcohol, marijuana and vaping are equally concerning. Fortunately, public and privately funded mitigation efforts have risen to the occasion, but also has a myriad of recovery providers, many of which provide evidence-based solutions, but many that practice questionable recovery methods. Needless to say, consumer confusion ensued on where to get the right help, from the right provider, as competition among providers increases.


Fairbanks Treatment and Recovery Center has provided treatment services to central Indiana for 75 years. But leadership and CVR both felt that a brand audit was warranted given the increase in competition and market confusion. Both Fairbanks and the agency set out on a comprehensive market analysis which included qualitative research with referrers, a quantitative consumer awareness and attitude study, competitive review, and surveys with alumni and parental groups to inform future positioning and communication efforts. Insights from the various stakeholder groups were obtained and processed to hone messaging. CVR and Fairbanks then overlaid patient acquisition data from media, business development and other resources to establish a preferred mix of marketing tactics to efficiently maintain and grow market share.


A smarter patient acquisition strategy was implemented, fine tuning geo-targeted mass and web-based advertising with social media. Creative leveraged consumer insights to focus on personalized, science-based recovery approaches coupled with Fairbanks’ vast experience in supporting life-long recovery. Subsequent data analysis revealed that marketing efforts influenced 28% of all new patient engagements, the number one contributing lead generator for, Fairbanks as a treatment provider.