Turning Up the Heat On the Competition

Bryant Heating & Cooling's New Smart Thermostats Break Through the Clutter

About Bryant Heating & Cooling Systems

Founded by Charles Bryant in 1904, Bryant Heating & Cooling Systems strives to go above and beyond to bring customers customized home comfort solutions such as air furnaces and air conditioners. Their goal is to provide products homeowners can rely on with trusted customer service helping protect their investment.


Bryant Heating & Cooling Systems Launches the New Connex™ Control

The heating and cooling industry incurs a lot of competition, not only from other HVAC manufacturers but from accessory companies as well. This is particularly true with smart thermostats. When Bryant Heating & Cooling Systems launched the new Connex™ Control, CVR was challenged to break through the clutter and help Bryant dealers promote the products’ features and benefits. More than a thermostat, the Connex™ Control is the brain behind the Bryant Evolution system. It fully communicates with the furnace and air conditioner to provide unparalleled comfort and energy efficiencies. It was our job to help dealers and their consumers understand the difference.


CVR Launches Cohesive Dealer Campaign

CVR created a cohesive campaign focused on the benefits of the Connex™ Control. First, we showed Bryant dealers that the Connex™ Control makes the sale, installation and maintenance of a Bryant Evolution system easier and will provide their customers with the utmost comfort. Second, we helped dealers inform consumers that it’s easier than ever to maximize their ability to save energy and optimize the comfort of their homes, all with the support of their trusted Bryant dealer. We accomplished this by creating marketing materials for both dealers and consumers, including video, ads, launch kit and packaging.


The Connex™ Control was well received by the dealer and distributor network, and there was an increase in sales when combined with the full Bryant Evolution system.