New Brand Positioning Increases Sales

Customers Exposed to Botanical Sun Care Line

About Australian Gold

Selling in over 50 countries worldwide, Australian Gold is a prominent sun care products retailer. Each product’s formula is carefully developed using native Australian ingredients and an extensive product development process.


Increase Awareness and Drive Online Sales

Originally, Australian Gold tanning products were primarily sold in beach stores and surf shops along the Florida coast. As the company has grown and evolved it now sees a large percent of their product sales coming from national retailers including CVS, Walgreens and Walmart. But awareness of Australian Gold as a skin care company among key decision makers including young, healthy, active moms, was low. Limited marketing assets prevented Australian Gold from developing regular social content or updating website content.


CVR Reinvigorates Australian Gold Brand and Drives Awareness

Goals included positioning the brand, solidifying the brand objectives and defining the brand essence and personality in an effort to build brand loyalty. CVR was also tasked with developing content that would drive awareness of the sun care products and create excitement among young moms.

CVR developed a video to showcase the reinvigorated brand to internal audiences, retail buyers and consumers. The video introduced the tagline “Celebrate Life Outside” and focused on relatable lifestyle imagery: families playing outdoor sports, taking beach vacations and enjoying quality time together. By design, the visuals focused more on having fun rather than straight product shots; it was purposefully a subtle sell, allowing young moms to emotionally connect with Australian Gold. Along with still photography, additional cuts of this video were used in a variety of ways across social media.


CVR Campaign Results in 56% Increase in Online Sales

With the onset of the campaign in mid-April, Australian Gold saw online sales with a key national retailer increase immediately and by 56% at the height of the vacation season. Social media campaigns – which leadership invested more in as a result of CVR’s performance in 2019 – provided engagement increases as high 880% on Instagram as well as growth in every metric on Facebook and Instagram.