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Our Work

CVR is focused on outcomes, not outputs. In addition, we are channel- and discipline-agnostic when it comes to achieving your communication objectives. Our case studies demonstrate the results that can be achieved by working with us.

Global Manufacturing Case Study

More decision makers know the advantage of driving an Allison-equipped vehicle. See the case study >

Aviation Marketing Case Study

LIFT Academy receives over 2,800 applications after brand launch. See the case study >

Retail Marketing Case Study

Australian Gold campaign results in 56% increase in online sales. See the case study >

Public Utilities Promotion Case Study

Citizens Energy Group showcases community engagement across TV, radio, outdoor and social media. See the case study >

Healthcare Ad Campaign Case Study

New patient numbers see 30% increase for Central Indiana Orthopedics. See the case study >

Higher Education Advertising Case Study

Ivy Tech develops new messaging strategy and brand anthem. See the case study >

Non Profit Marketing Case Study

Gleaners donation page sees 6 million impressions and 5,000 clicks. See the case study >

Product Marketing Case Study

Digital focus helps Harney & Sons get results as tasty as the tea. See the case study >

University Marketing Case Study

IU Kelley School of Business sees 265,000 clicks with increases in click through rates. See the case study >

Government Services Marketing Case Study

Indiana FSSA builds empathy through storytelling campaign. See the case study >

Comprehensive Marketing Case Study

Cummins-branded posters, calendars, a build-your-own QSK95 Lego® kit and more. See the case study >

Transit Marketing Case Study

IndyGo collateral, signage, animated video and Instagram. See the case study >

Higher Education Branding Case Study

Building a revitalized look and brand for the University of Indianapolis. See the case study >