Bo’s Dos and Don’ts of Food Instagrams

Want to show off that stew you slaved over? Trying to boost the popularity of your favorite local restaurant or bar? Hoping to show mom you eat more than Ramen? No problem. Any food can be “insta-worthy”! Here’s a list of simple dos and don’ts so all of your food looks good enough to eat … right off your phone.


Do: Let Food Look Messy

When you let your food look messy, with crumbs and drips, it looks less fake and more appetizing.


Don’t: Use a Phone Flash or Instagram Filter

Heavy flash and filters on food can make your food look shiny and discolored (not something you’d want to eat). Instead, use the natural lighting of your surroundings to set the mood.


Do: Go Heavy on the Garnish

Garnishes and sauces make a dish look more flavorful. Garnish should be used to create contrast in color and texture in your image for a more dynamic photo.



It's what's on the inside that counts. Like this over easy yolk. Thanks @kateatsla for the great shot of our eggs-in-a-hole!

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Don’t: Rely on Artificial Light

Natural light makes food look its best and delivers its most true color. The more “real” your food looks, the more the viewer can imagine its full flavor.



Tiramisu Cake ??

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Do: Use Extra Cheese

Melting cheese looks good on almost anything. The more cheese dripping off the edge of a dish, the better. I don’t know why this works - it just does. Trust me.


Don’t: Be Afraid to Get Up Close

When you get close-up and show the varying textures of your dish, it looks more complex and satisfying, making your audience wish they had it right in front of them. Go ahead … take a bite.



Steak it up.

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Do: Get Handsy With Your Food

Pick up that sandwich you have on your plate and show where you are in the background of your photo. Using a scene as a background can make your photo more dynamic and add interest. Even something as simple as picking up sushi with chopsticks and snapping a picture can make an image come alive.