Social From the Road

When one of our clients has an event or trade show, we know that a large part of their audience likely won’t be able to attend. As social media continues its ascent to the top of the communication ladder for brands, we can still invite them to the party.

Go Live
Every major player in social has prioritized video content, so you can choose the channel you engage in best. Facebook Live brings the ability to give your audience a front row seat even if they’re sitting in their office or on the couch, on any device. Instagram and Snapchat story features let you craft an experience in easily consumable chunks of video and graphics that is current and relevant. And all you really need is a phone or tablet.

Almost Real-Time
If you want to create branded content on-the-move with a little more polish, Adobe and Apple support a nice selection of apps to edit and create photos, graphics, video and music.

  • Adobe Spark Post has graphics templates to easily create eye-catching image/text content.
  • Adobe Photoshop Mix makes sure creators can layer images, crop and edit them with a lot of the features they’re used to enjoying from the full version of Photoshop.
  • Adobe Premiere Clip and iMovie are both surprisingly nimble video editing apps with the ability to add in audio, titles and art cards.
  • GarageBand comes in handy when you’d like to add some tunes to your video content. With a little practice, the live loops feature makes it easy to assemble a royalty-free piece of music even if you don’t know how to play a single instrument.

The last step in making sure your live or kind-of-live content reaches your audience is taking advantage of targeting tools. Facebook offers a few simple targeting options for its live streaming service, with geotargeting being pretty powerful for events. If you’re posting more traditional content to Facebook, you can drill down even further on how you target with detailed options like location, age, income, industry, interests and behaviors. Instagram, being owned by Facebook, employs a lot of the same targeting options but in a less cluttered environment. Snapchat has less options for targeting but offers a few key filters like location-based geotargeting and incredibly unique branded opportunity with sponsored lenses. The best part about putting some money behind social? It’s relatively cheap and instantly measurable.

Take a look at some content we recently did for our partners at GenFlex Roofing Systems when we traveled to Las Vegas for the 2017 International Roofing Expo, the year’s largest roofing trade show.

This was created and posted just before IRE to prime our audience for more social content during the show.

Filmed, edited and scored from our trusty iPhone, this video let everyone know GenFlex had arrived. Geotargeted to viewers in Las Vegas and with interest in the roofing industry, we got this message in front of 7.4k viewers during the show.

Quick interviews from the show floor and filming the action gave viewers a taste of what they might be missing at our booth. Posted after Day 1 at IRE, this post reached 26k viewers over the next few days of the show.