You say “’Merica,” I say “’Murica.”

November 08, 2016

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The last year and a half have been building toward this moment. From humble mumblings to unleashed raw emotion to unnerving anxiety and anticipation, we have been waiting a long time for this. (No, I’m not talking about the Cubs winning the World Series; I’ve been too busy basking in the glow of victory to blog about that.) Of course, I’m talking about Election Day. Whether you are ready or not, it is today. Also, if you’re not ready, I’d love to know more about the rock you’re living under. It will be inspiration for my next think piece.

For weeks, Americans have been absentee voting, early voting and getting out the vote(ing). And today is where it all comes to a head. It’s now or never to do literally the most American thing you can do: vote.

So yes, this is another thing reminding you to vote today, and yes, I’m a millennial, so this is a twofer of things you’re sick of hearing about. But listen: I encourage all Americans to remember that whoever is in whichever office come tomorrow morning, it’s not on her or him to give you the touchie-feelies to get over yourself and see the bigger picture. It’s on you, me and everyone we know to understand that whatever laws get written, whatever figurehead we have, the best thing we can do is see the humanity in one another and remember that is the most important part of each day we get in this great country.

Go vote. It is our right to vote however we like, and after the results come in, it is our duty to move beyond our differences and support one another.

P.S. Fly the W