What tools are in your toolbox?

June 18, 2012

Buzzwords. Marketing is full of them – realignment, digital integration, benchmarking, brand loyalty, brand identity, tipping point, social engagement to name a few. How about an old word like relationships? In the digital era, maybe it is all about getting back to the basics. Connection, contribution, responsibility, authenticity, leadership; working and playing well with others; the human aspect. Relationships matter. Whether you are the CEO, the receptionist, the co-worker, the client. Creating a meaningful relationship will make the difference. What matters to your company or to your client, matters. I recently got a glimpse of a book that was released this month. Likeonomics, created by Rohit Bhargava, explains the importance of great relationships and building long-lasting brands. Brands that endure. Likeonomics is about how likeability is the secret to building real trust and the key to succeeding in the social media era. What makes a person or organization believable, then? Likeonomics is based on being simple, human, brutally honest and emotional. Truth + Relevance + Unselfishness + Simplicity + Timing When was the last time, in your business, trust was on the table? The idea that people trust and choose to believe people they like? That people want to buy and do business with brands that they ‘like’? Companies can measure the contribution of being ‘liked’ to the economics of the brand. My version of truth is standing on these pillars: Authenticity, commitment, contribution, responsibility, intention and leadership. How about you?