Together We Can

March 14, 2017

In 2015 Matthew Tully, contributor to the Indianapolis Star, authored an opinion piece with the headline, “Indiana’s drug crisis begs us to come together.” The article pleads Indiana’s lawmakers to come together to tackle Indiana’s burgeoning drug crisis. A crisis that today, nearly two years later, continues to have heartbreaking consequences for families throughout Indiana.

Two months ago, CVR was introduced to Fairbanks. The idea was to get the word out, efficiently and succinctly, that Fairbanks was a leading expert in addictions, focused on recovery and has proactively provided services and care to our community since 1945.

Within 60 days, Fairbanks’ executive leadership, its board, its staff, and its volunteers came together as they always do, to hold the front line against addiction and compassionately support those who need recovery help. This togetherness was manifested through a communications campaign themed, coincidentally, “Together We Can.”

Know that Fairbanks is here, united and in our community, ready to serve, advocate, support – thereby providing hope through addiction prevention and recovery education and services.