CVR is “Tapping into What Matters” with Indy’s Newest Podcast

July 18, 2019

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We build brands by sharing our clients’ stories, making sure those stories get seen and developing their message. Along the way, we’re meeting incredible people who have incredible stories to tell.

And that’s got us asking, what matters? What matters to the clients we serve? What matters to the individuals we connect with on a daily basis? What motivates people? What are people passionate about?

What happens when we find out what matters? When we ask questions like “what matters” and people tell us, aren’t we then compelled to action?

In this podcast, we find out. We’re talking with clients, community friends, neighbors, innovators and entrepreneurs to tap into what matters to them. We’re using this podcast as a platform for us to explore, investigate and report on things that matter – the unexpected and even unusual.

Clay Robinson, Sun King Brewery; Pippa Mann, IndyCar Driver; Jenni White, Trinity Haven; Lauren Day, IndyGo; Nekoma Burcham and Alena Jones, Bellfound Farm; Denisha "Dlang" Ferguson, Indiana Fashion Week – they’re just some of the people we’ve already talked to about what matters to them. Beer and business, organ donation and transplants, kindness and a new LGBTQ home for teens, connectivity, urban farming for at-risk women and creative expression – these are just a few things that matter to our guests and to us. After you spend 30 minutes listening to our podcast, we hope it matters to you too!

We’re “Tapping into What Matters” and releasing podcasts monthly.

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