Extra (Talking) Points: #SB50 Commercials

February 09, 2016

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For a lot of fans across the nation, unless your team is on the field, the Super Bowl is basically just a great excuse to get your friends together on a Sunday night. You can try that new Bacon Wrapped Tater Tot Bomb recipe you pinned months ago and eat (or maybe drink) way too much. It's also one of the few times no one cares that they can't fast forward past the commercials. And it's probably no surprise that a lot of us here at CVR may just enjoy the ads a little more than the game.

Now that we've all recovered from the Unofficial National Sunday Funday, I went around the office and bothered people to tell me a little about their favorite ad.

Matt Georgi, VP/Creative Director | Super Bowl Babies Choir feat. Seal

Really fun concept. This was a big-time undertaking from locating kids/adults, multiple locations reflecting the winning city and the score. Mix in a cameo from Seal and the NFL didn’t only win the night, they produced the best commercial as well. It was Super.

Meg McLane, Copywriter | #Pokemon20

The Pokémon “Train On” spot celebrating 20 years of pocket monsters won me over on nostalgia (I was a Charmander girl), hype (paired perfectly with atmosphere that oozes from the Big Game), inspiration (the “I can do that” mantra). Whether you missed the phenomenon the first time around, or smiled at all the Easter Eggs (“Like No One Ever Was” sign in the locker room), this powerful brand anthem stuck with me. And that 20 year logo is on point.

Eric Gray, Senior Art Director | Audi R8 - Commander

I'm a sucker for cars, especially the fast, German kind. And who doesn't love the nostalgia of the early space program? Great shooting, editing and a perfect song came together to build an emotional story with very little dialogue.

Kirk Stahl, VP of Account Service | Doritos Crash The Super Bowl - Ultrasound

Doritos combined a familiar scenario for a lot of their audience that was product-centric and really funny.

Kathy Sunsdahl, Account Supervisor | Budweiser USA: 2016 Super Bowl Commercial #GiveADamn

The juxtaposition of a proper British woman and the every-man feeling of Budweiser worked perfectly.

Bess Browning, Digital Planner | 2016 Toyota Prius - The Longest Chase

The 90s are back in, making O.J. Simpson and car chases relevant again. It was fun and stayed right on brand for Prius.

Mary Moore, Digital Media Strategist | #AvosInSpace - Avocados from Mexico

The subtle, almost-inside-joke humor was great. The reference to the white and gold dress causing civil war was my favorite part.

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