Stand for something

November 01, 2014

Back in the day, before “Cougar” was totally absent from his name, John Mellencamp penned a song called, You’ve Got To Stand For Somethin’. Mellencamp, then 33, traced historic events during his lifetime back to a central focus…that of taking a stand. Nearly 30 years later, this song should be a rallying point for your brand and your business. Why would a customer call you? Why is your product a better choice? What makes you different? What do you stand for? If you can answer those questions, chances are you are seeing some success. Standing out. Getting noticed. In today’s world of instant customer reviews, endless internet options and unlimited choices, standing for something is crucial. When you stand for something, you’re not caught in the race to the middle. You have a compass, a goal, a direction. CVR has been helping brands communicate their stand for more than a century. If you’re struggling to find your brand voice or point of difference we can help. Then put the marketing plan together that will communicate what your brand, your product, or your company is really all about. We won’t just help you take a stand, we’ll help you stand out.