Meet Megan: Volunteer, Music-lover and Advocate for Autism

August 13, 2019

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Meet Megan! She’s one of our digital engagement strategists – the one who bleeds black and gold, loves craft beers, enjoys taking pictures and has a passion for people and purpose. We sat down with this community-minded Purdue grad to find out more about her love for giving back.

How would you describe yourself?

I’m bubbly and fun, usually the little things excite me the most. I’m driven and put 100% into things I care about. Family is very important to me. I love bulldogs and I love Purdue.

How did you get started in volunteer work?

I have been involved with philanthropic activities and community service since I started college. I joined the executive board of my sorority. Becoming a leader for the girls gave me purpose and I was motivated by encouraging my peers to do good for the community around us. We did everything from visit the Humane Society, volunteer weekly at the Boys and Girls Club, go to the YMCA shelter, walk dogs and host campus tours and “girls’ night” for children. I knew volunteering and giving back was how I wanted to live my life.Life is crazy and always will be. I find peace in making others happy and doing good for society. I may be constantly busy and rarely slow down, but to me, it’s worth it to know the outcomes of my efforts.

What organizations, events or volunteer activities are you currently involved with?

I’m currently on the board of Concerts for a Cause, an organization that hosts four concerts per year to benefit four local charities, and Today’s Champions, an organization that creates programs to empower people with autism. Because of these two board member opportunities, it seems that work outside of work is endless! Now, people are asking me to contribute in a million other ways – serving as an Indiana Donor Network dog walk committee member, Little Red Door Cancer Agency table captain and many more! Because I’ve already stepped foot in this space, others know that I’m working to become a connected member of the community and am available to volunteer my time and talents.

Are there any organizations or volunteer experiences that have made a big difference to you?

Concerts for a Cause and Today’s Champions have really made a difference for me. Concerts for a Cause has helped me realize the importance of dedicating time to smaller charities and nonprofits in our community. I’m proud of the fact that I have positively impacted our community by being a part of an organization that has donated more than $130,000 to local nonprofits since 2016.

Today’s Champions, while it is still growing, has made a difference for me because one of my best friends has autism. Helping out with this organization is important to me because I want to help him and his family raise awareness about autism so people in the community understand the disorder better.

Do you have any mentors that inspired you to get involved?

My dad. He is always encouraging me to do as much as I can with my life.

Given your work with Concerts for a Cause, we want to know if you have a favorite singer/band?

I love country music. Right now, my favorite is Luke Combs. But I also love Zac Brown Band and Old Dominion and many others. I have a hard time choosing a favorite.