Meet Meg: Copywriter, Comedian, Improv Artist

April 01, 2019

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Meet Meg! She’s one of our senior writers and among the funniest people in the office. Her wit and quick thinking were sharpened on stages in Bloomington and Chicago before she brought her open mind and love of improv to Indianapolis and CVR. We sat down to find out how this funny girl got her start, what makes her laugh and more.

How would you describe yourself?

I see humor in everything and am not easily offended, which can sometimes come off as affable, weird or a bit outside the lines. If the funny thing about a situation isn’t immediately apparent, I try to find a different lens to look through, just to see if I can find something.

As far as me personally, I’ve got a dry sense of humor, and I try to be supportive and truthful. I like when everyone feels good. I want everyone to get the joke.

How did you get your start in comedy, and what are you doing these days?

Growing up, we watched tons of comedies – movies, SNL, classic sitcoms, rom coms, cartoons – and I would mimic the characters. My parents are funny. My siblings are funny. We were all always making each other laugh at the dinner table.

I started studying and performing in high school when I started doing ComedySportz HS League – the professionals from CSz Indianapolis (Home of ComedySportz) would come to school and teach us improvisation, and then we’d do shows. I fell in love with making up things on stage for laughs, so I followed it through in college, to LA and finally Chicago where I studied at The Second City and The iO Theater and performed as often as I could.

In Indy, I write, produce and perform original scripted musical comedies with the troupe Defiance Comedy. I also do improv shows when I can, like the Gal Pal Comedy Fest.

What’s the funniest show or moment you’ve experienced on stage?

On stage, the funniest thing is always when someone you’re working with makes a choice you weren’t expecting or hits something harder than you were anticipating or something lands bigger than you thought it would.

It’d be too hard to pinpoint a funniest thing.

How does your comedy side mesh with your business side?

I would say the two are pretty comfortable with each other. I like to laugh and make people laugh, so it carries into work. Whether I’m onstage or in a meeting, I adapt for the audience. In a professional setting, I tend to be a little more reserved and reverent. I can’t help it, I’m a well-reared Midwesterner.

My comedy/improv background has taught me to think quickly from as many points of view as possible, which is pretty useful as a copywriter and in life in general.

What makes you laugh?

So many things: things that come out of left field, old-timey phrases, word play, absurd references, silly walks, committing to a bit, little subtle things that I’m not sure were intentional but love anyway.

What’s the best and worst part about being a comedian?

Best part: making people laugh.

Worst part: wondering if you can do it again.

What can people expect to get out of one of your shows?

I tell everyone who comes to my shows: You may not learn anything about the human condition, but you will have a good time.

Do you ever get nervous onstage? If so, how do you handle it?

Yes, of course! I handle nerves by trusting the work I’ve done beforehand and trusting the people I’m on stage with. Just let it go and fake confidence if I have to. I have a hard time gauging the audience’s reaction from stage, so I’m never really sure if I’m bombing or crushing, which kind of liberates me to give it all I’ve got.

What do you look forward to most about being on stage?

I honestly don’t know. I ask myself this all the time. Performance is weird. I think it’s weird that people even WANT to be doing something dramatic, silly, emotional or amazing in front of other humans, so I don’t know why I love it. Maybe I just think it’s funny.

I think I just love comedy so much and being onstage is my way to be part of something bigger.

CVR looks forward to supporting Meg in her future performances. Next up is the IndyFringe Festival 2019!