A Trip To The Indianapolis Home Show

February 08, 2017

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My wife and I recently purchased a home, and so when we saw that the Indianapolis Home Show was taking place a few weekends ago, we thought “Hey! We are now qualified to attend this!”

As first-time attendees, we were only slightly overwhelmed by the huge number of vendors hawking their wares – hot tubs, siding, marble countertops, more hot tubs, patio furniture, kitchen cabinets, shower heads … and for some reason, more hot tubs.

The main attraction was the enormous, full-scale “Centerpiece Home” built directly inside the Exposition Hall – complete with landscaping, multiple bathrooms, open concept kitchen and gigantic basement. We waited in line for a full 45 minutes to tour the house, wondering the entire time if it was going to be worth it.

Even though touring the 6,000-square-foot ranch only took about 15 or 20 minutes, it turned out to be worth our time. We don’t have any large-scale home improvement projects planned, but it was still helpful to check out the furnishings of the house and file away ideas for future reference.

Here are a few observations (granted, these are coming from a guy who doesn’t really “get” Pinterest and has to YouTube most home improvement tasks … so take these with a grain of salt):

We left feeling energized about all the possibilities for future enhancements we could make to our house (not counting the fake food, of course).

PS: If you missed the home show, don’t worry – the Indiana Flower & Patio Show is taking place March 11-19!