How to Take Your Fundraising Event Virtual

April 21, 2020

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Imagine this: you’ve been working for months to make your next fundraiser a complete success. You have all the vendors lined up, volunteers ready to go then all of a sudden a global pandemic happens and everything comes to a screeching halt. Sound familiar?

Fortunately, we are living in a digital age that makes it easier than ever to make your event virtual. So, instead of postponing the event or canceling it, here are some tips to make your fundraising event a virtual success.

Don’t worry! Virtual events can be just as successful, if not more.


After you’ve decided to make your event virtual for 2020, you’ll want to:

Practice Makes Perfect

If you are planning on having guest speakers, schedule a dry run to have them practice their speeches.

Go Live

Live stream your virtual event on Facebook Live, YouTube and/or LinkedIn. Broadcast it through your event page and use your impact metrics, donation link and information about your organization.

During your live session, be sure to make an impactful ask and don’t be afraid to ask more than once. After all, that is why you’re having the event. If you have the text-to-donate capabilities, display the keyword or shortcode to make it easy for viewers to donate. Feel free to share a presentation, video or input from users during the event.

Be human. We’re all going through this together and figuring out what our new normal is. Be sure to address why support is needed right now.

If you had a fundraising campaign scheduled during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s likely you’ll just need to adjust your message. Focus on why people were coming to the fundraiser in the first place.

By making your event virtual, you’ll be able to increase your viewership, save on banquet costs, and connect with your donors and sponsors like you never have before… just like we’re all doing every day.