Experts around the world

August 17, 2012

Many people in the United States think of Indiana as a ‘fly over state’. A place to which they pay little attention – just a place full of race cars and corn. They fail to see how great Indiana is and its impact on the rest of the world. Indiana is home to the world’s leading orthopedic companies, such as Zimmer, and one of the world’s largest diagnostics companies, Roche. Indianapolis has more than 500 foreign companies representing 36 countries with offices or distribution centers in our city. And Indianapolis ranks 14th in the U.S. in terms of foreign exports, which indicates there are hundreds of smaller manufacturers in Indy and throughout our great state that are building and/or sending their products around the world.

CVR recognized the need to be able to market our clients’ products around the globe. As a result, last year we joined AMIN, the Advertising & Marketing International Network. It is an affiliation of small to medium-sized advertising and public relations companies that form a collaborative network throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. For a complete list of agencies and their locations, click here.


AMIN allows independent ad agencies like CVR to conduct research, develop creative, or execute events or new product launches in any city in the world for our clients. AMIN members believe that a mere translation of advertising copy or photography is not the same as having native marketers to interpret and customize copy or images for a particular country. Our network allows clients that have a small staff and small budgets to develop and execute multinational campaigns that are more effective than generic ‘global’ campaigns.

For retailers, the AMIN network provides a great resource to have feet on the ground that can execute mystery shopper visits to survey or photograph retail locations around the U.S. or the world in less than 24 hours. CVR has used this network for in-country research and to gather customer testimonial videos from multiple countries in a matter of two weeks.

So whether you are antsy about your office in Amsterdam or getting ready to launch in London, CVR can help you with your local/global communications plan to ensure that it is a success. Danke.