Don't Let Your LinkedIn Profile Spook You

October 29, 2019

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Now is the perfect time to dust off the cobwebs and update your LinkedIn profile. Whether you are using the platform to network, build your personal brand, research companies or develop a strong digital footprint, you want to make sure it’s not decomposing.

Carve out some time to make a few small improvements to help distinguish yourself from the half a billion other LinkedIn users working hard to stand out.

Try these five tricks to treat your LinkedIn profile.

  1. Make simple updates: Spend five minutes to scroll through your profile to make sure everything from your picture to your skills are current, professional and exceptional. This includes updating your profile picture, adding a background, adding new skills and highlighting accomplishments.
  2. Ask for recommendations: Take the time to ask for a written recommendation from a supervisor, client or a business colleague. Written recommendations add a level of credibility. Take an extra minute to be strategic in your request and ask for recommendations that support your skill sets in your industry and role—or a future role that you want to grow into
  3. Create a customized URL: Take advantage of the opportunity to distinguish your page from all of the other LinkedIn users out there with a customized URL. It’s as simple as viewing your profile and editing the public profile and URL. (FYI: it will be an address that looks like
  4. Nurture your network: Take 10 minutes to browse your connections, groups and pages. Delete old ones that may no longer be useful and search for others that are more interesting and helpful to you in your role today.
  5. Update routinely: Set reminders for yourself to update content, post regular posts and articles, refresh your photo, update skills and modify your networks. The most important thing is to stay active, engaged and relevant.

Now that you’ve done what you can to make sure you’re not lurking behind the scenes, keep it up. Managing your LinkedIn profile doesn’t have to be frightening or spooky. It just takes a little bit of time and dedication. A few of these simple tricks will pay off with some sweet rewards.