CVR Runs Indianapolis

November 10, 2016


Not long after getting the assignment for rebranding the CNO Financial Indianapolis Monumental Marathon, someone got the bright idea that we should participate in the event itself. So while we were working to create new logos for the events and even rename/rebrand the parent organization, Beyond Monumental, about a dozen CVR team members took to the roads, trails and treadmills in preparation for Saturday’s event. Last Saturday morning, under beautiful race conditions, those same teammates gathered at the starting line to test themselves against the clock and the course. In the end, we all learned the road less traveled is more fun when you travel it together. Here’s what some of us had to say about the Race:


“This race highlighted some of the things I love most about walking – the city I love looked wonderful at 6:30 a.m. The Soldiers and Sailors Monument and the State House looked beautiful and strong.” – Bess Browning, Digital Planner

“It was a bit surreal – a real sense of accomplishment. More than anything, I knew I could have no-shame chicken and waffles with an unhealthy amount of butter. Also, to have so many friends and coworkers running and knowing that, even though we weren’t all together, we were all doing it, was awesome.” – Adam Hoover, Senior Account Executive

“It was an absolutely beautiful day to run and be a part of a great Indianapolis event. It brought a smile to my face to see Eric’s logo on everything from the race shirts to the thermal wraps they give you at the finish line.” – Paul Gosselin, Senior Writer

“It renewed my hope in humanity. To see young children, college students, busy parents, police officers, older adults and the Monumental Marathon staff throughout the course giving up their time to offer words of encouragement and keep us safe made me feel proud to be part of Indianapolis and the Monumental Marathon race.” – Kathy Sunsdahl, Account Supervisor

“I am not a ‘runner’, but I ran. I walked as well. I learned, I listened, I watched too. This was my first experience at this type of thing. The whole ‘race’ culture was something I have never experienced. I had a blast. I love Indy and was really proud (and happy) when I turned that final corner and saw the FINISH line.” – Brian Kingen, Graphic Designer

“It was great to be a part of more than just the race. Throughout the process we got to know the people who work so hard to make everything happen. I appreciate them more knowing everything they do, the charities they support and the effort that goes into pulling off such a monumental event!” – Kelly Young, Director, Public Relations