CVR rejects HJR-3

February 07, 2014


As the oldest advertising and public relations agency in Indianapolis, we have been part of many civic initiatives that have made our city and state a great place to live and work. We are proud of our Hoosier heritage and will always fight to defend it against those who don’t understand the Midwest values of simple, honest hard work and an openness to lend a hand to our neighbor. A trait we all know as “Hoosier Hospitality.” But this legislation HJR-3 is one that is indefensible and tears at the fabric of our sensibilities and respect for others. As a member of the advertising community, we understand the importance of the creative class to help this city and state thrive, and HJR-3 will impede our ability to grow as a company and to retain and attract highly skilled workers who will help to make our clients’ business grow.

We know Indiana can be progressive if it wants. Heck, look at our BMV. They make the Apple Genius Bar look like rookies when it comes to scheduling appointments and taking care of business. So, please join us in keeping Indiana a great state and reject HJR-3.