CVR Haikus - Stay At Home Version

May 01, 2020

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May 1st is celebrated as May Day in many European Cities. It marks the change of seasons and the welcoming of Spring. In honor of the new season, enjoy some stay-at-home Haikus from CVR!

Aaron Kleyla

Uncertainty brings
Opportunities unknown
Confidence over doubt

Anna Arnott

Enjoying sunshine
A big box of crisp white wine
I still have TP

Blake Lofgren

Today is May Day
This sun is finally out
I want a cold beer

Brandon Walsh

Parabolic arch
A vision of all to pass
Singing sky, closer

Caroline Cox

Zoom in living room
Mic and camera are on
I’m not wearing pants

Casey Duckworth

Galdona coffee
Little Fires Everywhere
Baked Banana Bread

Claire Gilbert

Summer days coming
Excited to visit friends
Sunshine and fun times

Dustin Thompson

We love our children.
A break from kids would be nice.
Kids for adoption.

Jan Amonette

Window bird poop ransacks vision
Squirrels beget barking
Gee ma, I wanna go office

Jeff Watson

Spring puns make us groan
So leaf your troubles behind
That was a pun, groan

Karen Belmont

Sunshine on flowers
Light reveals hidden memories
Time together now

Katie Tillman

Chirping fills the air
The sun shines and the rain falls
Renewal has come

Kevin Flynn

Here at 701
We dance upon your desktops
Until you return

Krystin Stout

Hip hip hip hooray
Outside can begin today
Lol jk

Mary Moore

Today is May 1st
​Yesterday was Jul-April
Or maybe last year

Megan Neely

In a world of hate
Give a smile and be kind
Be the sun and light.

Reanna Miller

Tiger King, Ozarks
Hey, are you still watching?
Day morphs into night.

Rex Huffman

Face masks and Lysol,
Projects started on the house,
Who have I become?