CVR Go Bragh!

March 17, 2018

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We’ve gone green here at CVR today. Not the eco-friendly kind of green (our printer works so hard I actually saw it break a sweat the other day; we do recycle, however). Not the flu kind of green (but just in case someone’s carrying a bug, there’s a spoon in the peanut M&M container to use instead of your hand). Not the envy kind of green, either (pizza is delivered here so often that Salesforce wishes it was us).

Nope, we’ve gone good and Irish green today. Since I’m wearing an Irish Drinking Team hoodie and am sporting a temporary shamrock tattoo on my . . . cheek, I was asked to pen a blog about why we’re so darn blarney-happy around here.

  1. #thebossisirish. Our president, Kevin Flynn, is Irish. Not like we all pretend we are today. Straight-up, legit, Irish ancestry (mom’s side is from County Tipperary), one of 14 kids (that is not a typo, people), Notre Dame alum. He likes his potatoes plentiful and his Guinness the same. He brings an infectious Irish spark to the workplace that ripples through the company. Yesterday’s lunch was corned beef sandwiches and potato salad. Beers at the Rathskeller started at 4PM. I love working here.
  2. It’s a Client Thing. One of our clients is the Indy Irish Fest. If you haven’t been, you should. You know how they talk about Christmas in July, but it’s more of a sales pitch than an actual event? Well, the Indy Irish Fest is like St. Patrick’s Day in September, only for real. Held in Military Park, there’s Irish food and music, games and, yes, beer. One of our über writers, Meg McLane, is another import from across the pond. Her family runs the Fest and marched in yesterday’s parade here in beautiful downtown Indy. You can learn more about the Fest at the Indy Irish Fest website. Also, if you’d like to understand how St. Patrick’s Day became a beloved American thing, read this great article from TIME.
  3. Because We Could. St. Patrick’s Day is only the beginning around here. In addition to providing an excuse for tomfoolery, it also kicks off our CVR Spirit Week (yes, we know it started on a Friday). Krystin went around taking Green Attendance – everyone who wore green gets a sticker. Sure, it’s about as grown-up as it sounds, but Spirit Week came with the tagline “Because adulting is boring.” Participating in the remaining theme days (Choose a Decade Day; Patriotic Day; Western Day; Nerd Day; Team Day) earns you a sticker, and stickers earn prizes. Rumor has it the prizes range from Subway gift cards to hula hoops to a Pope Francis bobble head doll, which I’m pretty sure Kevin has his eye on.

In the midst of all this silliness, we cranked out some pretty kick-butt marketing, corporate communications, social media and PR for our clients. We just look a tad bit goofier while doing it.

“Cheers” to a Happy St. Patrick’s Day. Erin Go Bragh!