China, Indiana’s economy – and CVR!

February 10, 2017

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At CVR, we are thrilled for the opportunity to partner with one of the newest additions to our AMIN Worldwide network: Elson China. A connection like this will help us better serve Indiana companies doing business in China. This new member is the second agency from China to join the network. This addition strengthens our Asia and Pacific reach.

A significant market for Indiana companies, China is the state’s fifth-largest trading partner and the world’s second-largest economy. It has the world’s largest Internet user base and is the most active social media environment. China also operates its own domestic search engines, social media, shopping platforms, loyalty programs and more, which is why it is crucial for AMIN to continue expanding in this advanced and unique ecosystem.

CVR’s membership in the AMIN Worldwide network allows us to work seamlessly with other AMIN agencies around the globe on projects, as well as easily share knowledge and insights. This is a significant opportunity for CVR and the clients we serve.

Our AMIN relationships are vital. As an AMIN Board Member and the head of global recruiting for the network, I was on the initial call with Elson China and knew immediately this was a going to be a great partnership. There is an immense opportunity for Elson to further AMIN’s mission, as well as tremendous opportunity for CVR to help Hoosier companies enhance their global reach with this new partnership. We are very excited to have Elson on board, strengthening AMIN’s (and CVR’s) footprint in China.

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