Celebrating Manufacturing Day 2018

October 05, 2018

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October 5 is National Manufacturing Day, a day designated to celebrate modern manufacturers who engineer and develop innovative products and technologies that inspire the next generation. Today, we celebrate our manufacturing clients. From innovative transmissions that power CNG engines to ductless HVAC systems that efficiently heat and cool homes without ductwork, our clients, and their products, are super impressive! We are proud to partner with them to showcase some of their, and our, best work.

Allison Transmission

CVR has worked with Allison Transmission since 2013. Over the last five years, CVR has helped Allison develop a singular voice for a global business. Allison Transmission is a recognizable brand around the world, thanks to advertising that illustrates how Allison products improve the way the world works. CVR recently created a variety of video, photography, paper collateral and digital presentations for Allison’s booth at IAA 2018 in Hannover, Germany, where Allison announced plans for a new 9-speed transmission, connected capabilities and electrification solutions.

In 2016, CVR helped launch Allison Transmission’s social media channels. Before we were given this opportunity, Allison had no social presence. We worked closely with the Allison team to create their content and channel strategies and processes, develop monthly content for their national and international social media networks and manage live content at events. Since the launch of Allison’s Facebook in May 2016, they have grown from having 0 fans to 150K fans.

You can learn more about our relationship with Allison by heading to our work page to see some of our past projects.

Bryant Heating & Cooling Systems

CVR has been working with Bryant for over 25 years, but we started working with them on social in 2015. Like Allison, they were new to the social space. CVR launched their brand on Facebook in May 2015. What makes Bryant unique is that the content we create is geared toward dealers. The strategy is to encourage dealers to share content that reaches the end consumers, since consumers buy from dealers, not directly from Bryant. So we support the dealers by providing high-quality content that they can share on their channels. We develop monthly content and campaigns and assist in community management as needed. We’ve launched giveaways like the “Thankfall Giveaway” where fans could win a new Bryant Evolution System with installation. Social media efforts like this have allowed us to garner PR in local markets by promoting the winner of the giveaway and the Bryant dealer that completed the installation.

To see the work we’ve done for Bryant in addition to social strategy and content development, visit our work page.


Our relationship with IN-MaC - our newest manufacturing-focused client - began in May 2018. IN-MaC creates a stronger, more competitive manufacturing ecosystem for Indiana through technology adoption, education and workforce development and research. IN-MaC is launching a Manufacturing Micro-Grant Program, opening up $150,000 to foster the growth of youth manufacturing initiatives around the state of Indiana. The IN-MaC micro-grant program aims to provide grant funding to organizations that implement creative projects that enhance youth’s experiences and exposure to manufacturing in collaboration with Manufacturing Day initiatives. We are currently working with them to develop a brand platform, new website and campaign concepts to promote manufacturing opportunities throughout the state.

Ivy Tech

While Ivy Tech isn't in the manufacturing industry, they are training the employees of tomorrow who will be necessary to fill Indiana's job needs. CVR began working with them in May 2017 when they approached us with a goal to increase completion rates, to train more students with the in-demand skills employers are seeking and to serve communities around the state over a three- to five-year period.

CVR worked with Ivy Tech to develop a new workforce-focused thematic as well as introductory and support pieces designed to create excitement and enthusiasm about the targeted initiative and goals. Because of this campaign, Ivy Tech is ahead of the school’s goal in granting credentials and degrees at this stage of the plan. Messaging developed for the strategy has been adapted into outward-facing materials, including the Viewbook and new student materials that create a consistent look and message for every campus touchpoint.

Indiana Commission for Higher Education

The Indiana Commission for Higher Education (CHE) does not technically fall within the manufacturing industry, but they are focused on making sure Indiana has a trained workforce that will support the needs of manufacturers over the next 10 years. CVR worked with the team at CHE to launch the NextLevel Jobs initiative that provided free job training to HS students or workers who wanted to advance in an in-demand career field. We created a “Social Champion Toolkit” that included a content library of images, videos, animations and more with sample post copy for our Champions to share on their own pages. Champions would receive emails 1-2 times per month with new content to share. The email list included schools like Ivy Tech and Vincennes, city, county and state departments like the DWD, Governor's Office and Employ Indy, and partners like Cummins, Inc. and Salesforce.

This Manufacturing Day, we celebrate these clients and all of the great work they do for our community and around the world. We are proud of all that we have been able to accomplish together thus far and look forward to seeing what we can produce in the future. If you are interested in taking your manufacturing company to the next level, reach out! We have the skills and expertise necessary to help you reach your goals.

(Special thanks to Brock and everyone at Warner Steel who helped with the video.)