Brandweek Inspires CVR Team as Trio Takes Part in Conference

September 27, 2023

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For four days this month, a team of creatives from CVR took part in one of the nation’s premier marketing events. Redoubling Relevance was the theme at this year’s Brandweek, where marketers from a variety of disciplines and specialties discussed the ever-changing industry landscape and provided insight into new technologies, best practices and the role of influencers in building a brand.

AI, DEI and ROI were the acronyms of the week, while the overarching theme was authenticity. Today more than ever, if you are not true to your brand, your consumers and your staff, you’re setting yourself and your business up for failure. Brand managers from Ocean Spray, The RealReal and Coca-Cola to name a few discussed how to break through in an increasingly cluttered marketplace. And while the old rules still apply, the ability to target an audience or demographic continues to change.

Beyond an authentic message, it’s increasingly important that the right people are exposed to your message. The ability to target and reach a specific audience continues to evolve, and in nearly every session it seemed that business-to-consumer campaigns are borrowing from business-to-business ideals. New applications are as crucial as new ideas.

Finally, Gen Z is yielding to Generation Alpha, and a brand that talks to, not with their audience will become obsolete. That discussion can be aided with AI, but it’s evident that AI without the right human guidance or editing comes off as AI. For now, utilizing AI as a copilot or toolkit seems to be the smartest course of action.

Back in Indy, the team is putting these learnings to work for clients like Harney & Sons Fine Teas, Citizens Energy Group, Cummins and Central Indiana Orthopedics. If you need help navigating today's changing marketplace contact us. We’re ready to help.