Be Loud? Be Creative

June 22, 2012

There is a lot of noise being aimed in a consumer’s direction. In any given day, we are exposed to thousands of marketing messages. The question of how many thousands depends on what you read. A 2008 study by research firm Yankelovich, now a part of The Futures Company, estimated the number as 3,000 to 5,000. And that was 4 years ago…before the saturation of smartphones, tablets, and QR codes. A similar study today could probably double that number if you also count store events and planes pulling banners. With nearly every available space being suggested as a place for marketing messages, consumers start tuning out. The idea still holds, though, that if the message is strong, it will get noticed. And in the digitally connected world of now, it will also get shared.

Marketing in the digital space provides nearly limitless options for creativity. Not every idea is a good fit, but there are always new things to try. Here are some interesting approaches to cutting through the clutter.

If you’ve run across anything that’s caught your eye, shoot it to me in the comments. While the debate will continue on whether there is truly ROI on the examples above, there is no denying that the brands are getting noticed by consumers because of these efforts. Time will tell whether that notice translates to sales.

Be louder