5 Content Tips to Help You Appeal to the B2B Buyer

May 18, 2018

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We’ve been in this business for awhile now, over a century, in fact, so you can imagine we’ve learned a thing or two during our time working with both B2B and B2C clients. While there have been a number of major breakthroughs had in our office, some of the most profound are not as mind-blowing as one may think. For example, one of our favorite lessons learned is that the B2B buyer and B2C buyer really aren’t that different after all. Groundbreaking? Maybe not. Sales shifting? Totally.

It has been a long-held belief at CVR that a B2B buyer can be as emotionally involved as a B2C buyer when making a purchase, if not more. In fact, new research from Harvard Business Review supports this idea. Because few companies actually speak to these emotions in their messaging, this is a great opportunity for B2B companies to refashion their content to differentiate themselves from their competition. Some ideas published by the Content Marketing Institute include:

  1. Buyer Pain: Buyers want your product or service to make their lives easier. Does your content discuss your buyer’s pain points?
  2. Business Value: This is pretty straight-forward, and most companies do a great job describing the business benefits of their product or service, but it is always worth mentioning that your content should provide these values if it doesn’t already.
  3. Fear of Loss: Nothing is more motivating than the fear of loss. Does your content address how your product or service can help a buyer avoid pain or loss?
  4. Stakeholder Conflicts: Conflicts arise early in the buying journey and can kill the sale. Does your content address the needs of both the buyer and the others involved in the decision?
  5. Product Features and Benefits: Buyers are coming to your site to learn about your product or service. Does your content thoroughly discuss your product’s features and benefits?

These key emotions that B2B buyers consider before signing up for a service or product can be a differentiator in a business’ content strategy. This news is both equal parts exciting and headache-inducing to those companies trying to sell to the B2B buyer. Yes, you have finally gained access to the inner workings of the B2B buyer, but now you need to update your messaging. Where do you start?

Let us help you turn this information into a plan. At CVR, we have a dedicated team of marketing and content professionals ready to help you transform your content and secure new business. Get in touch and let us show you what we can do.