The 2023 AMIN Global Conference in Bangkok, Thailand

November 10, 2023

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Why fly 24 hours and 8,700 miles from Indianapolis, Indiana to Bangkok, Thailand?

To strengthen relationships, learn from our partners and grow capabilities, that’s why.

As a proud member of AMIN Worldwide (Advertising & Marketing Independent Network), CVR recently sent Vice Presidents Blake Lofgren and Katie Clements to the 2023 AMIN Global Conference in Bangkok. While there, Blake and Katie connected with fellow agency leaders from around the world, learned how to help usher clients into a growing Asia market and strengthened our understanding of new technologies.

Packed with curated content from sunup to sundown, our team returned energized with new ideas, invaluable insights and an action list as long as the flights.

Here are a few key takeaways from the conference:

The Power of Our Network – In AMIN, we refer to “Allyship” as the way we provide our clients with the best possible service, whether that means partnering with fellow agencies to increase capacity, extending our reach geographically or adding capabilities. We plan to leverage our Asia-based partners to ensure our team stays current on WeChat and other social media channels that our global clients are using or plan to use in the near future.

Shaping Consumer Behavior – Why do some brands seem to communicate with their audience better than others? Richard Shotton led a keynote focused on applying findings from behavioral science to advertising. Among many studies and findings referenced during the session, he focused our attention on the EAST framework (Easy, Attractive, Social and Timely) which helped us understand what drives decisions and how to influence them. Knowing when to pull customers through the funnel versus push them through was an intriguing thought starter to bring back to our teams in Indy.

Business in Asia – During a “Success in Asia” conference session, keynote speaker Manisha Chawla led the group through ways to help unlock markets in the world’s fastest-growing regions. She shared stats such as 50% of global internet users are from Asia and less than 1% of mainland China speak English to help set the stage for the complexities that come with business in the region. This message opened our eyes to finding the right balance of localization for your message — not too simple or too hyper local.

Harnessing AI - Leading artificial intelligence (AI) experts in the marketing and advertising world do not believe that AI will replace jobs within our industry, but it can equip our employees with tools to develop better work faster. This desire to embrace change creates opportunity for CVR to leverage the tool and integrate its efficiencies to further enhance our proven strategies to get results.


At CVR, we’re driven to Build Brands That Matter. To achieve that mission, we understand that we must step out of our comfort zone, go the extra mile (or 8,700 of them) to grow our expertise and “lean in” to the spirit of AMIN “Allyship” to make ourselves better and provide unmatched value to our clients. Many thanks to the AMIN team and our host agency Asia Works for welcoming us to Bangkok for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.