2019 Digital Trends

January 01, 2019

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From chat bots and voice assistance to privacy and micro-networks, 2018 was a big year in the digital and social space. And, with so many changes and advancements in the last 12 months, what can you expect in the coming year? Here are some of our predictions for 2019 digital trends:

The Voice – Is your best friend Alexa? How about Siri? OK, Google. In 2019, voice search will continue to rise in prevalence and importance with Google most likely leading the way, both with in-home devices as well as mobile. Black Friday sales on Google Home products are a testament to this – up nearly 300%. This trend is changing user behaviors and thus impacting search algorithms. So, what does this mean to your business? As voice searches are perfected and consumer demand increases, SEO strategies must follow course. Marketers who plan ahead will win big.

Audio Is The New Video – Whether it’s streaming music or Podcasts, audio continues to rise in popularity. And, as more and more voice-controlled devices and smart speakers enter the home, it is no surprise that consumption is increasing. 1 in 3 Americans, 124M people, listening to podcasts monthly with average weekly listeners consuming over 5 hours a week. Brands and influencers are taking notice and adding Podcasts to their content toolbox. CVR added the capability in 2018 and now produce Podcasts for a handful of clients.

Source: https://www.lectios.com/blog/rise-audio-podcast-consumption

Vertical Video Is Looking Up – Don’t fret, video lovers, even with the demand for audio continuing to climb, video is here to stay. As Facebook has stated on numerous occasions, and even recently in an ad they published in the November issue of AdWeek, by 2021, 78% of all mobile traffic will be video. What has changed is how channels are optimizing video for mobile. With mobile users holding their devices vertically 94% of the time, the new normal is vertical video. Thanks in part to the growing popularity of Instagram and Facebook Stories. Even YouTube has launched a vertical video ad platform after the release of IGTV in 2018.

Virtual Reality – Active VR users worldwide was expected to surpass 166 million by 2018, up from 90 million in 2017. The growth is due to increased access to VR devices and the expanded variety of content available to consumers. With a VR device, consumers experience everything from games to watching movies and concerts with your friends with OculusGo. You can even explore 250 feet below the city in the DigIndy Tunnel or experience an NBA game from the comfort of your couch with NextVR. Consumers will continue to demand more unique experiences with your brand. Even taking a trip to Mars is now a reality.

2019 will be an explosive year for social and digital media. These are just a few of our predictions. Interested in learning about our others? We’d love to chat!