Johnson Grossnickle & Associates Philanthropic Consulting

New Service Launch

Johnson Grossnickle & Associates (JGA) is a nationally recognized leader in philanthropic consulting, having served over 250 clients ranging from healthcare and education to arts and social services. Working with Donor Search, JGA conceived a new and innovative predictive modeling service designed to better forecast donor giving potential. They asked CVR to assist in validating market acceptance and positioning, and ultimately in crafting service messaging.


CVR approached the opportunity first through a comprehensive review of other predictive modeling services both in the philanthropic sector and in other industries to understand the positions others were taking. Working with JGA, CVR then created a unique positioning statement and conducted qualitative interviews with likely prospects to ascertain the positioning’s clarity, client service purchase intention and service names. From this research, service descriptions and graphics were honed for Acuity™ and launch materials were created, including collateral, advertising and presentation materials.

“CVR’s in-depth research into our clients’ motivations and pain points helped us hone our language and resulted in targeted creative for our new product launch that produced results. We are already halfway to our first year’s revenue goal with this product in the first quarter alone.”

— Ted Grossnickle—Senior Consultant and Founder