Harney & Sons Fine Teas

A Strategy Steeped in Success

How we helped Harney & Sons Tea attract new customers and stand out in a competitive market through content development and omnichannel marketing.


Harney & Sons Tea, a third-generation family owned business based in Millerton, New York and established in 1983, has a passion for tea and creating a relationship with customers. With high-quality products, an array of flavors and brewing options and extensive tea knowledge, it’s no wonder why they have an international reputation for quality tea. But they wanted to bring in even more new customers, continue to grow the Harney #TeaTribe and increase revenue and transactions.


To do this, CVR focused on search engine optimization, creating engaging quality content on organic and paid social media platforms, multi-channel marketing campaigns and email marketing strategies. The results of this highly strategic approach were overwhelmingly positive, achieving our client’s goals and introducing new customers to the Harney brand.

“What began as a transactional relationship has turned into a true partnership with CVR. They have gotten to know our business inside and out, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the results of their strategic thinking, creativity and collaboration.”

— Emeric Harney, Marketing Director, Harney & Sons Fine Teas

Our Roles

Social Media Strategy & Content Development

CVR worked with Harney to shift their content strategy to focus on development of quality, premium-style content to increase engagement with new audiences without alienating Harney’s core customers.

CVR’s Digital Engagement team produced monthly premium content for Harney, utilizing original video and photography shot in our studio or on location. We also created animations, contests, sweepstakes, illustrations, infographics, blogs, interactive and gamified content, and more.

Star Wars
Spooky Tea
Tea & Biscuits

This new strategy of focusing on premium content and campaigns resulted in positive growth in fan engagement, followers/likes, impressions and video views YoY across all channels. Not only did engagement increase, but the sentiment was highly positive.

Multi-Channel Marketing Campaigns

In addition to monthly content development, CVR launched multi-channel marketing campaigns throughout the year to increase sales, engagement and brand awareness to attract new customers.

Tea & Biscuits

One of the campaigns, aptly named Tea & Biscuits, partnered with local animal shelter, Indy Humane, a biscuits company in Florida, dog adopters and social media dog influencers to promote original tea and biscuit gift sets. Also, 20% of every Tea & Biscuits purchase was donated to help animals in need, incorporating Harney’s general philosophy of giving back along with our mutual love of pups!

Indy Humane helped us identify adopted dogs with unique stories. These dogs became the face of the campaign. We interviewed the dog rescue “paw-rents” to learn why adopting was so important to them. CVR worked with Indy Humane to set up a photography and video “studio” at the shelter to capture footage of adoptable dogs. We then promoted the campaign with a custom landing page and using Harney’s paid, owned and earned channels.

Key Successes

Paid Social Media

With two billion monthly active users on Facebook, paid social media provides Harney the opportunity to reach new audiences, target existing customers and deliver valuable information throughout the customer journey.

For Harney, CVR manages a number of paid social campaigns targeting a variety of audiences with different objectives, including conversion, awareness, traffic, engagement and lead generation. In 2019, we expanded our focus on Conversions by more than doubling our campaigns targeting Website Purchases, utilizing both Broad and Remarketing Audiences. While overall Impressions and Reach declined, this approach enabled us to serve ads to relevant customers based on their site and email journey. The quality of our audiences improved.

Key Successes

Web Strategy & SEO

A Focus on Organic Growth

Organic search is one of the best-performing channels, with many campaigns and optimizations benefiting from SEO research. By performing keyword research and focusing on a blog strategy, Harney saw a 15% YoY gain in site-wide organic sessions, 17% increase in ecommerce revenue and organic page views of blog content grow a staggering 177% YoY.

Email Marketing

For Harney & Sons, email is about more than just selling - it’s about offering customers a value-add to their purchase. CVR helped Harney develop strategies to round out the customer’s purchase experience by delivering a variety of tea-related information, tea-drinking ideas and personalized product recommendations. We also helped deliver a segmentation strategy that resulted in lower unsubscribe, bounce and complaint rates while maintaining a steady stream of revenue from engaged subscribers. Furthermore, we helped expand upon Harney’s new customer email flows to turn first-time shoppers into loyal and repeat buyers.

Key Successes

“We brewed the right strategy.”



Harney & Sons is meeting its goals and has realized a significant increase in audience engagement, resulting not only in higher revenues but customer loyalty and goodwill that you simply cannot put a price tag on. The data, engagement and customer feedback all let us know that we brewed the right strategy for Harney. Our customized approach could be the right cup of tea for your brand as well.

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