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Hey Indy, Can You Dig It?

The Citizens Energy Group DigIndy Project is a $2 billion tunnel system designed to improve local waterways. The 28-mile network of tunnels is being built 250 feet below ground to eliminate sewer overflow into area waterways. When completed, DigIndy will prevent up to 99 percent of sewer overflow when the city receives as little as a quarter inch of rain. To spread awareness of the DigIndy Tunnel, its long-term benefits to the environment and economic development, Citizens partnered with CVR to create the DigIndy Art Project–a public outreach initiative and special event.

Working with local artists, 20 manhole covers were transformed into works of art inspired by Indy’s waterways. CVR developed the “Live Art” event, showcasing five local artists designing their manhole art in real time. A DigIndy Art Project logo, microsite and event marketing materials were created, while CVR-produced content, posts and videos were shared on social media. Grassroots efforts included face-to-face meetings with neighborhood associations, arts organizations and community event attendees. In addition to the DigIndy Art Project, CVR also created a 360-degree interactive video tour of the underground tunnel.

People really “dug” the DigIndy Art Project! Local print and broadcast media covered the live event. Across Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook, impressions exceeded 645,000 with video views over 29,000. The 360-degree video won a 2019 National Environmental Achievement award, and Citizens’ research showed that over 60 percent of their customers were now aware of the DigIndy Project.

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