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President | Hands-on is more than a handshake

With our agency’s expanding roster of national and international clients as well as the growth we’ve experienced over the last four years, a move to the Big Apple would not be out of the question. But, we’re not moving to Madison Avenue. Instead, we’re moving to New York Street, right here in Indianapolis.

Over the last century, CVR has called a number of places in Indianapolis home. For many years, we owned a building at 1314 N. Meridian. Our space in the Salesforce Tower has its charm. The view from the 41st floor is unmatched, and the taco bar from Fast Burrito downstairs is bueno. Yet, after 10 years of being a tenant, we’re ready for a place to call our own. Again.

So, next month we’re headed five blocks east to 701 East New York Street, Indianapolis, Indiana 46202. That’s the corner of New York and College Avenue in the former Rowland Design Building. We’ll be on the same block as Easley Winery and within walking distance of Sun King Brewery, Vida and, of course, Ralph’s Great Divide. We can taste the coconut cream pie now (generous slice).

Currently being customized for our needs, the new space will provide more room to spread out, while allowing for future growth. In addition, we’ll be going to a more open-office concept for greater collaboration, and we’ll have our own in-house studio to meet client video production needs. When you visit, you’ll experience an environment geared for creative thinking and ideas that “Build Brands That Matter.”

We’re excited about the move and the next chapter in CVR’s century-old story. We hope you’ll be a part of it.

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