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We are thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Found Search Marketing (FoundSM), a national search marketing agency based in Indianapolis. With this new partnership, we will take over all of the agency services for FoundSM, providing strategic marketing services and content creation for select FoundSM clients. Additionally, CVR will have access to FoundSM’s advanced paid marketing and data analytics capabilities for its clients.

Both agencies complement each other in different disciplines, making it a win for our clients and growth opportunities for our employees. Content creation, along with video production, has become critical for marketers to tell their story particularly in social media. This partnership will allow CVR to continue to build on our success in social media strategy and content creation, along with the other services we provide.

FoundSM’s president, Julie Warnecke, is excited to narrow their service offering to paid search, paid social and analytics, with the idea that they can successfully provide more focus and dedication to this side of the business and the team.

Both agencies have experience in retail, higher education, and healthcare clients, and have partnered on projects together in the past. CVR currently has 33 full-time employees and is located in the Salesforce Tower. FoundSM has 18 full-time employees and is located at 419 N. Pennsylvania Ave. Four members of FoundSM’s team joined the CVR team as part of the partnership.

Side note: CVR recently purchased a 16,500 sq. ft. building at 701 E. New York St., and plans to move in the next few months. Our new office will include a video and photo studio, a podcast recording booth and ample space for growth.

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