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Director of Interactive | The Perfectionist

Green. Recyclable. Environmentally Friendly...or Safe...or Conscious. As marketers, there are many adjectives we use to support our sustainability message. In order to communicate your message as effectively as possible, start by asking, "What does my audience care about? Do they care enough to take the time to hear my sustainability story? If so, how can I best reach them?"

Did You Know?

Remember: It's Not About You. It's About Them.

Your employees and customers want to feel that they're making a difference by working for you or using your product or service. Carol Gstalder, SVP at Nielsen, says, "Social responsibility is a critical part of proactive reputation management. Companies with strong reputations outperform others when it comes to attracting top talent, investors, community partners, and most of all, consumers."

Know When And How To Talk Sustainability.

Earth Day occurs every year on April 22. A lot of companies take advantage of this day to share their sustainability story. Last year, CVR created social posts for Indiana Soybean Alliance that communicated the improvements farmers have made toward reducing their carbon footprint. In just 1 day, the posts reached more than 11,000 people organically and had 2,500+ views and 230 reactions. The Indiana Soybean Alliance also saw a significant increase in followers that day and the two days following.

Earth Day is not the only time to talk Sustainability. While many companies produce annual reports, Sustainability Reports may soon become the "new annual report." According to Jeff Gowdy, one of CVR's Sustainability Partners and Adjunct Professor of Management at Vanderbilt University, "Publishing a report is becoming commonplace. It's the type of report you produce that defines your commitment and shows a tangible sign of quality." Over 85% of global Fortune 500 companies have a CSR.

Firestone Building Products has looked to CVR for help with its sustainability report year after year. For their most recent report, CVR designed and programmed a website with clean, crisp animations to communicate Firestone's sustainability efforts.

Marketing Is Needed.

Ongoing social media or email communication can be easy and effective ways to let people know your company is being socially responsible. If you don't have any historical sustainability data yet, you can still talk about Sustainability. Do you have employees who carpool to reduce their carbon footprint? Snap a photo and post it to Instagram or LinkedIn. Do you ride bikes to client meetings instead of driving? If you're printing a collateral piece, use recycled paper and soy ink - and be sure to find a printer that offers those, and proudly displays the logos!

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