Claire Gilbert

Account Services / Social Intern | Brand of the Summer

My dad has always said, “The cream rises to the top when it’s time to make butter.” This funny phrase originated in his hillbilly-loving, barbeque-sauce-slathering family of Kansas City Royals fanatics. Usually, people don’t understand the meaning, but it makes total sense to me. If we translate this from Gilbert-ese to plain English, it sends a message that hard work pays off when the time is right.

As an Account Services Intern at CVR, I have had an opportunity to work with the cream of the industry. Not only am I creating relationships with unique and intelligent people, they’re letting me soak up their genius along the way. From meeting Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb at a TV shoot to interviewing Ivy Tech alumni award nominees, I’ve learned four important career lessons:  

  1. Details matter. Whether you’re proofing a piece of literature or collecting content for an upcoming social media post – every detail must be double-checked and confirmed. I’ve observed Account Executives go the extra mile countless times to ensure they can speak confidently and accurately about their client’s preferences.
  2. Be flexible. Channel your inner Gumby. Adapting to change is especially important in an agency environment. Being a planner and someone who likes to have control, I’ve realized this is a skill I need to develop further.
  3. Never stop learning. One of the first assignments I received at CVR was to browse AdWeek every morning to keep my creative senses sharp. This turned into a habit and has made me aware of some amazing work from agencies across the country. The wonderful people of CVR set a great example of always learning, maintaining a curious nature and asking “What’s next?”
  4. Ask questions. As simple as this sounds, it can be intimidating in the moment. When you just aren’t sure what’s going on, it’s important to pause and clarify, so you can confidently proceed. Even if you think it sounds silly, understanding that it is OK to ask questions is an important lesson, and one I am thankful to have learned at CVR.

A phrase I hear often in the CVR office is “building brands that matter.” Not only does CVR do exactly that with their clients, but they’ve helped me build my personal brand with the lessons I’ve learned. This internship helped me discover more about myself and the industry I’m striving to be a part of after I graduate. The addition of “Account Services Intern at Caldwell VanRiper” to my resume is one I’m very proud of.  

Intern(al) Reflections Image

Intern(al) Reflections

August 01, 2017

My dad has always said, “The cream rises to the top when it’s time to make butter.” This funny phrase… Image
By: Claire Gilbert