Australian Gold


Originally, Australian Gold tanning products were primarily sold in beach stores and surf shops along the Florida coast. As the company has grown and evolved it now sees a large percent of their product sales coming from national retailers including CVS, Walgreens and Walmart. But awareness of Australian Gold as a skin care company among key decision makers including young, healthy, active moms, was low. Limited marketing assets prevented Australian Gold from developing regular social content, store POP or updating website content.


Goals included positioning the brand, solidifying the brand objectives and defining the brand essence and personality all in an effort to build brand loyalty. CVR was also tasked with developing content that would drive awareness of the sun care products and create excitement among young moms.

Starting with a competitive analysis, CVR was able to see what geographies and audience attitudes Australian Gold may own in the market. Knowing that emerging competitor Sun Bum focused on young, carefree audiences, Australian Gold could play off that youth-appeal but differentiate by being positioned as a brand that could grow with them into adulthood. As this audience matured into parenthood and their attention shifted toward sun protection for the family, Australian Gold’s product would be better suited. It was key for the brand personality to resonate with these active, fun-loving moms, appealing to both their free-spirited yet protective, maternal natures.

CVR developed a video to showcase the reinvigorated brand to internal audiences, retail buyers and consumers. The video introduced the tagline “Celebrate Life Outside” and focused on relatable lifestyle imagery: families playing outdoor sports, taking beach vacations and enjoying quality time together. By design, the visuals focused more on having fun rather than straight product shots; it was purposefully a subtle sell, allowing young moms to emotionally connect with Australian Gold. Along with still photography, this video was reedited and shortened to be used in a variety of ways across social media.


Our initial goals regarding brand position, objectives, essence and personality were realized, allowing Australian Gold to better reach their target audiences. In addition to leveraging a new brand position across the seasonal influencer program, social media giveaways and user-generated content, the new brand video and imagery supported retail and social media growth - generating close to 5 million Facebook impressions (during peak sales season), over 3.5 million Instagram impressions and 7,500 new Instagram followers.