Allison Transmission


CVR and Allison Transmission’s marketing team continually strategize to ensure the Allison brand is relevant and differentiated. In its first evolution, global brand message continuity was achieved by aligning all product and sales communications under the theme “Improving the Way the World Works.” This was a major accomplishment, but as global competition intensified and its product portfolio expanded, it was clear Allison needed to move its communications and value proposition to an even more aspirational level, beyond the features and benefits of selling transmission hardware.


CVR combined company-wide efforts to meet customer needs and position Allison as an innovative global leader in the transportation propulsion solutions market. By taking these steps, Allison would move brand strategy beyond products and features toward engineering solutions and building long-term customer relationships. The efforts included:

• Insights from qualitative research conducted among numerous employee groups
• Acquisitions and development of new products and service offerings
• Corporate initiatives to move forward with a customer-centric approach to product development and innovation

Our research indicated that Allison had successfully transformed their internal corporate culture to focus on both superior manufacturing and innovation compared to five years prior when we benchmarked brand perceptions. Subsequently, a new opportunity emerged where we could begin externally communicating this shift to its customers and partners.


CVR recommended that Allison establish itself as a customer-focused and dependable global organization that provides reliable and innovative solutions that improve how work gets done.

CVR worked with Allison to launch a new global marketing campaign centered around the customer benefits of working with and relying on Allison products. CVR partnered with other agencies in our AMIN Worldwide network to execute these plans on multiple continents and make them culturally relevant. These campaigns included development of new sales tools and both traditional and digital marketing tactics. Additionally, to continue to show Allison’s commitment to innovation, CVR developed multiple interactive experiences to bring existing and new products to life using AR and VR technology. This new experiential marketing resulted in improved engagement at tradeshows, industry events and sales presentations.

Through these joint efforts, Allison is well positioned to continue as a global thought leader in the areas of propulsion solution technology and superior customer support and service.