Allison Transmission Inc.

Gearing Up For a Second Century

For 100 years, Allison Transmission has been at the forefront of engineering excellence powering everything from race cars to military vehicles. Today, Allison’s fully automatic transmission and propulsion systems are improving the way the world works. Whether they are removing rocks from construction sites or transporting kids to and from school, an Allison transmission plays a vital role in moving materials, people and freight reliably and efficiently.

As a worldwide manufacturer of automatic transmissions, Allison came to CVR facing branding and messaging issues in the global marketplace. Their voice needed to be a singular representation of the company, regardless of the language in which it was delivered.

For more than a year, CVR and our AMIN affiliates gathered data from every corner of the globe, interviewing customers, dealers and Allison employees. That research was then combined with Allison’s internal directive, One Allison Way, to create a communications platform and branding strategy that streamlined messaging and created much-needed continuity around the world. A new look and feel has emerged for Allison advertising with a focus on how Allison products improve the way the world works.

The first pieces of the campaign are hitting the market and include targeted application materials, branding, testimonial videos, and e-learning modules designed to work in any market. And it all positions Allison as the superior choice in transmission technology and applications.

Corporate Video
Sarah Fisher Hartman Racing Video
City Bus Video

Allison Transmission... A Global Power