About Us

It happened like this: In 1910, Guernsey Van Riper and Merle Sidener founded the forerunner of Caldwell VanRiper, now known as CVR. Things were different back then. We called ourselves “Publicity experts and conductors.” Newspapers were printed on paper, and no one was making digital ads or having Zoom meetings.

You don’t make it in this industry for over 100 years without the ability to pivot. And CVR has…

No other publicity experts and conductors—make that ad agencies—in Indianapolis have been Building Brands That Matter longer. We’ve adapted, grown and learned so we can help our clients succeed.

What’s the secret? Curiosity. We frontload exploration. We dig deep and gather valuable insights, and then dig deeper. Once we have a firm grasp on the customer and the marketplace, we apply that insight to craft effective strategies that will make a difference.

Our Heritage

Indianapolis based with a history. Since 1910 we have worked across industries and verticals including transportation, retail, financial services, education, home building products and more. We hope to harness the power of curiosity to make a difference in this world. We understand our Mission and Vision will be our Heritage for future generations.

Our Leadership

As an integrated communications agency, it is critical to have the best talent leading every discipline. CVR is led by an incredible team of experienced marketing professionals who are experts in their field.

Kevin Flynn


Matt Georgi

Executive Creative Director

Jan Amonette

Senior Vice President

Julie Muncy

VP, Human Resources

Kara Shaw

VP, Accounting

Katie Clements

VP, Creative

Molly Sullivan

Vice President PR & Social Media

Blake Lofgren

VP, Account Service

Global Reach

CVR is a member of AMIN, an exclusive collection of independent advertising and marketing agencies with over 50 agencies around the world and over 3,000 employees. AMIN allows CVR to have a global presence that provides rapid research, video and photographic production, tradeshow execution and local market insights that no other agency in Indiana can provide. Learn more about AMIN.